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Managed Accounts - A Member's story

Many of our members already have Managed Accounts to help them keep track of their finances and to make sure all their bills are paid on time. It has never been easier to set up a Managed Account and its never been cheaper to secure the Peace of Mind you deserve. 

Our friendly Membership Administration and Banking Support Services team (MABSS) are able to provide any help and support you may need to take control of your money, including specialist support for Care Accounts and direct payments, Landlord and Tenant Accounts, Universal Credit Accounts and Students. 

Here's what one of our Care Members has to say – “Many of our clients are extremely vulnerable, not least when it comes to managing their own money, and with the freedom given through Direct Payments, comes the potential for increased financial abuse. As a support provider it is therefore vital that we do all we can to make sure that our client’s money is safe, well managed and that our client’s themselves are not exploited". 

"DotComUnity Managed Accounts have already made our lives easier and made a significant difference to the lives of our clients. In one case three of our clients, who share a house, now have their own Bank Accounts for the first time in their lives, with all of their Direct Payments paid directly to them rather than being looked after by the local authority.They each have their own DotComUnity VISA Debit Card for individual spending and a "Shared House" Account into which they all pay to cover utility bills, housing costs and weekly shopping". 

“We are all so pleased with the Managed Accounts and thank DotComUnity that our client’s now have proper control of their own money.” Care Company - Poole, Dorset.