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A Student life - Not as easy as it looks

OK there is freshers week and the excitement of being away from home, in a new environment, meeting new people, experiencing new challenges and opportunities. But when the dust settles what do you do?

If you need a little extra help and support you join ZakBak. 


ZakBak designed by Students for Students. 

"When i started at Bournemouth Uni i had no idea where i was heading. I was on the wrong course, i was bored, i had too much time on my hands so i wasted my money having a good time. But it soon caught up with me! i ran out of money and needed to do something quick".

"Luckily i got an internship with DotComUnity. I saw first hand how their Managed Accounts helped financially vulnerable members to manage their money safely. I also saw how the Directory helped communities promote what they had going on and helped people with disabilities become more involved and active. It put me on a new path. I took control of my money with the help of a Managed Account, through Volunteering and Internships i started to build a strong CV and i even changed Course!"

"We also set up ZakBak to help other Students across the UK access Volunteering, Internships, Member Benefits (including Managed Accounts) and new technologies designed to help stay safe". 

ZakBak is a Community Benefits Organisation (CBO), social enterprise and proud supporter of DotComUnity.    

Check it out click the image above.