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Swimming - A Member's story

Why one of our Members thinks swimming is a perfect sport at any age. 

Read the story below and then use the Directory to find what's available near you.


Its good for your health and your wellbeing.

"When I went to my ‘well woman’ check at 60 the doctor said i should start swimming again. I did and i already feel younger and fitter than i have done for years. It’s had a great effect on my cardio system and i have noticed many other physical benefits. Personally, I think there are mental benefits as well". 

"When I was younger if I had a hard day I’d swim and by the end of the session all the stress was gone. Now i get that same feeling as soon as i hit the water i relax and all the pressures of every day life wash away".

"It’s very sociable too. I swim with people who are 18/19 and others in their eighties, we are all the same in the water. When my husband was diagnosed with cancer eight years ago the club gave me such fantastic support. He used to swim when he was younger and said if he recovered he would start again. So he’s now back in the pool too". 

People always ask how accessible is swimming?

There are many clubs that will teach people from scratch, and lots of classes for adults and youngsters with diverse abilities, so where ever you live there are always opportunities to get started. There are also lots of terrific opportunities to get involved in open-water swimming even if you don’t want to swim competitively.

To find out what's available in your area click the image above. 

Swimming is a fairly affordable sport and the health benefits are tremendous. An average price is £35 a month but for that you can swim as often as you want. All you really need is a swimsuit, a pair of goggles and you’re ready to go. Its a great way to stay healthy whatever age you are.