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Open an Account that Counts

Pocket Money Accounts – Teaching financial stability

Designed for young people aged 6 - 16 and designed by parents who want to help young people learn about managing money safely. 

Teaching financial stability at a young age can help your child develop the financial knowledge and understanding of money and how it affects every aspect of day to day life. Young people need to value money and the management of their finances so they are equipped to overcome the financial ups and downs that will undoubtedly come over time. 

In addition good money habits can embed the value of saving money, creating a safety net, to get through the bad times. 

Pocket Money Accounts have parental controls and monitoring which allows you to relax knowing your child’s money is safe & secure. Accounts come with a VISA debit card can be used for online transactions as well as for high street purchases. Parents have the ability to set spending rules and even block access to the card in order to stay in control of transactions.

Neither the VISA debit card nor the account itself can go into debt which can be a valuable lesson in restraint and an important life lesson for any large purchases they may wish to make in the future. 

Go on, Open an Account that Counts.