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Safeguarding Members Money

Helping our clients to manage their money safely.

Many people with a Learning Disability are deemed by traditional banks not to have the mental capacity required to open and run a bank account.

This poses a range of problems and prevents those individuals from gaining greater independence. So we set about finding an account that would provide a framework of support within its structure that would help keep the individual safe from financial abuse and provide comfort to all concerned.  

Over the last few years several "New Accounts" have been created offering “pockets” which separate funds coming in so that essential “living” expenses can be set aside. We have looked at them all. However every one still relies on the individual setting up and administering the "pockets" themselves. 

DotComUnity has been supporting people with disabilities, their families, carers and wider circle for many years and in our experience it is only their Managed Account that provide true safeguarding by not only helping to manage the essential expenses but also by providing support to help manage general spending.

DotComUnity Managed Accounts are only available to "Members" but luckily we have been members for years now. The Managed Account only costs £5 per month which is comparable to all the alternatives but it offers so much more. 

Over 20% of our clients have already opened a DotComUnity Managed Account. 

In our opinion whatever your age or ability if you want a little extra help managing your money you need a Managed Account. If you're not a Member yet its time to get signed up.