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DotComUnity Volunteers

DotComUnity Volunteers

Volunteering can play a really important part in the development of a person’s character, enhance their social skills and build confidence. 

It is also an opportunity to make a real difference in the community in which you live. 

DotComUnity Directory has been developed to support people with learning, physical and other disabilities, providing them with the ability to access services in their communities. 

Volunteers are usually very welcome so if you think you could help in some way even if just for a few hours every now and then do get in touch. 

It can be particularly useful to students looking for some work experience or for those who find they have some spare time and would like to use it constructively. If you happen to be in the job market it is worth mentioning this type of activity is usually looked upon in a favorable manner by prospective employers. 

The directory covers the whole of the United Kingdom and has close to 100,000 activities and events listed so there is every chance something is going on close to you.

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