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Business Member Shares

Business Member Shares

From just £250 – Business Members can become Shareholders

Community Benefits Group CIC (CBG) is a Social Enterprise providing access to Membership, Benefits and Rewards designed to empower businesses, support independent living, and encourage financial and social inclusion throughout the UK

CBG is owned by its Founders (“A” Class Shareholders), its Community Network (“B” Class Shareholders) and its Member Shareholders (“C” Class Shareholders).

As a CIC every “Member Shareholder” has a say and a vote.

  • ‘C’ Class Shares are Non-Cumulative Preference Shares
  • Business members must hold a minimum investment of £250 ‘C’ Shares (*£1 per Share) to receive an annual dividend of up to 5%.
  • You can invest a single sum or make regular contributions.
  • Hold £10,000 or more “C” shares and benefit from free Business Membership.
  • Member Shareholders support the community network and the aims, objectives, ethos and values of DotComUnity.

  • Together we Make a Difference

    CBG Is a proud supporter of DotComUnity, the Disability Directory and all those with learning and other disabilities, their families, friends and wider circle of support.

    Business Members Shares
    Community Benefits Group CIC (CBG) shares are available to all fully paid up Business Members.
    To apply log in to your GOLD Members Area.
    Min investment £250, No Max, dividends up to 5%.
    Hold £10,000 or more and qualify for FREE Business Membership.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Community Benefits Group (CBG) is a CIC – what is a CIC?
    CIC legislation was introduced as a legal form under the Companies Act 2006 and subject to that Act and company law generally.
    CIC’s can vary from small local organisations, to multimillion pound turnover organisations employing thousands of people.
    CBG is a CIC Limited by Shares and is described as a Social Enterprise.
    The core features of any company holding CIC status are two fold;

    i. Assets owned by the company are held in an asset lock which secures those assets to applications for the good use of community. In CBG’s case the Asset Lock is in favour of Social Enterprise Mark.
    ii. Limitations applied to dividend and interest payments made to shareholders and financiers ensure a profit can be made, but the primary focus remains on achieving benefit for the community.

    Both of these features are regulated by the Community Interest Company Regulator via an annual report, known as the CIC34, which is submitted to the Regulators office on an annual basis. The Community Interest Company Regulator’s office is a part of Companies House and governed by The Department for Business, Innovation and Skill – BIS.

    2. What are the rules of CBG as a CIC?
    CBG has been set up as a CIC with specific objectives – to carry on activities which benefit communities in promoting financial and social inclusion and to support independent living for people suffering from, or at risk of, financial and or social exclusion.
    CBG is not established or conducted for private gain – any surplus or assets are used principally for the benefit of the Communities. 65% of all profits MUST be distributed back to the Communities. Only a maximum of 35% can be distributed by dividend to ALL classes of shareholders.

    3. What are “C” Shares?
    ‘C’ Shares offer DotComUnity Members the opportunity to acquire an investment in CBG for both a return and a stake in CBG.

    a.“C” class shares are only available to Members through their GOLD Members Area.
    b. What is the minimum holding for £1 ‘C’ Shares? £250
    c. Is there a maximum holding for ‘C’ Shares? No
    d. Are there benefits of holding a certain minimum amount? Whilst a Business/Company holds over £10,000 at their Membership renewal date - the Business/Company has Free DotComUnity Membership each year.
    e. Will a Share Certificate be issued? Yes. As required in the Articles of CBG.
    f. How do you redeem / dispose of your “C” shares?

    i. Company Purchase CBG may buy them as allowed for in the Company’s Articles.
    ii. CBG may be able to find a Purchaser CBG may have existing shareholders who might like to acquire further shares.
    iii. Agreed transfer of Shares You may find a purchaser yourself. The purchaser has to be approved before transfer by the Company as required in the Articles.

    g. When will dividends be paid? Annually announced at the AGM.
    h. What will the dividend be? Up to the Maximum of 5%

    4. What are ‘A’ Shares?
    These shares are held by the original founders of CBG.

    5. What are ‘B’ Shares?
    Any Community or Organisation that becomes an active Community Network Associate will become a ‘B’ Shareholder, paying £100 for ten thousand ‘B’ Ordinary Shares of £0.01 each (fully paid in CBG), subject to the rights and restrictions attaching to such shares, as specified in CBG’s Articles of Association as amended from time to time.

    6. What are my rights to attendance of the Annual General Meeting (AGM)?
    Any class of Shareholder who is a fully paid up DotComUnity Member, has the right to attend, speak and vote at the AGM, with the opportunity for Proxy Voting should they be unable to attend.

    7. When is the AGM?
    At least one AGM must be called during each calendar year. No more than fifteen months can elapse between successive AGMs.

    8. What voting rights do I have?
    Each Shareholder who is a paid up DotComUnity Member has one vote.

    9. Are there other ways to invest into CBG?
    Yes. CBG will occasionally offer members investment opportunities in the form of unsecured loan notes.

    10. What are 5% Fixed Rate Unsecured Loan Notes (2015)?
    A maximum of £2 million were authorised by CBG in August 2015. They offer a return of 5% - fixed for 5 years and are another way of raising capital for the Company.

    11. What does Non-Preference mean?
    If the maximum of 5% dividend cannot be paid in any one year, the shortfall does not get held over the next financial year.

    12. When is Community Benefits Group CIC Financial Year End?
    31st January.

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