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DotComUnity Volunteers

DotComUnity Volunteers


What is the DotComUnity Disability Directory?

The DotComUnity Disability Directory is a free to use, online, web service specifically designed to provide information on the products, services, activities and events available in your community across the UK. It is FREE to use.

Use the DotComUnity Disability Directory to find the products and services you need. View the Calendar to find out what’s on and when. Use the search to find what you need anywhere in the UK. Helping you to help yourself.


How do I contribute?

Register as a DotComUnity Volunteer and then it’s FREE to contribute; all contributions will be “moderated” before they go live. To authenticate contributions “Moderators” need to be able to communicate with the Volunteers.

Volunteers can review all their contributions within their “Account”.

All listings on the DotComUnity Disability Directory are FREE. Once you have registered as a DotComUnity Volunteer simply Log In and contribute. Check local listings are accurate and suggest edits.

Recommend new providers and services and promote community activities and events.

Encourage others to become DotComUnity Volunteers because together we make a difference.


Have your say!

Feedback is vital for the continuous improvement of the DotComUnity Disability Directory. Become a DotComUnity Volunteer.

  • Log in to use our simple 5 star rating system and leave feedback.
  • Tell others about your experience of a product, service, activity or event.
  • All feedback is “moderated”to ensure accuracy and suitability.

Need more Information?

Why not get in touch, drop us a line or give us a call:

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